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Welcome Heaven Scent / Cheeky Bird Designs to MiLi Markets & Events

  • What is your business name? Heaven Scent    Cheeky Bird Designs
  • What do you make/sell? Soy Candles, Bath & Body Products         Designs for babies rompers and childrens tshirts.
  • How long have you been in business?  4 years
  • How did your business get its name?  Heaven scent came to me when thinking of my mother who has passed.  It was a play on words.  Cheeky bird is for the willy wagtail that is the ‘mascot’ of Heaven Scent.
  • How many MiLi Markets have you done? What has been your favourite?  I have done too many events to count.  I think my favourite is the Whiteman Park markets.
  • Tell us more about your business, why you started it, what you love about it etc.  Circumstances left me unable to continue with my employment, but not one to sit still i thought i would try making candles, as i loved to use them.  Once i made my first candle i was hooked.  After a while i extended my range to bath and body products.  I love making different products that are good value but feel oh so good to use.    I love when people return and tell me what they love about my products.  
  • Tell us about your most popular product.   I think it would be Bath Bombs or Car Diffusers, both are loved by so many people
  • Anything else you’d like to say?  While i love what i produce with Heaven Scent, i have diversified a little and am having such a good time with Cheeky Bird Designs.  Designing t-shirts and rompers for children and babies is so much fun.  Sassy sayings or cute pictures, if they make someone laugh, my job is done!


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